About Us

Dayne Pruitt Believes:

  • Transparency of government is critical for credibility.
    Dayne Pruitt will serve as a conduit between County Council and district 5 residents.
  • Council Seat should vote for district interest.
    Dayne will ensure that Ninety Six and the many lakeside communities have a proactive representative of their concerns.
  • Strong public education is needed to reduce the poverty level.
    Dayne will continue to foster an emphasis on higher standards in public education.
  • Your councilman should listen to you.
    In representing District 5, Dayne will be proactive, available to attend community meetings, and have a presence in the community at large.
  • Everyone deserves a safe community.
    Dayne will ensure that law enforcement knows of any concerns arising from District 5 and foster strong relationship between law enforcement and the community.
  • We need Prudent Fiscal Responsibility.
    Dayne will be a good steward of the taxpayers dollars.
  • Lakelands Growth should be Planned Growth, Not Regrettable Growth.
    Dayne knows and appreciates the value of Lake Greenwood to the greater Greenwood community. Dayne also appreciates and values the quality of the water in Lake Greenwood, our drinking source and he is committed to maintain its pristine condition.

The only way that I can serve the public in any capacity is to have the love and support of my family first. I am 56 years old and apart from my years attending the University of South Carolina in Columbia and two years in Washington Georgia, I have lived in Greenwood County my entire life. I grew up in Ninety Six and lived in the same house my mom still lives in today on Eddy Road. I am the son of Helen Pruitt and the late Walter H. Pruitt of Ninety Six. I have an older brother, Kyle Pruitt. I attended all 12 years of school in Ninety Six and graduated in 1983. I was fortunate enough to be a member of the 1982 AA State Championship team that was coached by Hall of Fame Football Coach Shell Dula.

After attending Lander University for three semesters, I transferred to the University of South Carolina where I received my BS degree in Marketing and Management in 1987. I later went back to school at night to work on my master’s degree. In 2000, I received a Master of Science from Southern Wesleyan University.

I have been married to Traci Bridgers of Greenwood since 1992 and we have two children, Megan age 26 and Brandon age 24. Traci is a graduate of Greenwood High and Lander University. Megan and Brandon are both graduates of Ninety Six High School. Megan is also a graduate of the University of South Carolina and Brandon is a graduate of Southern Wesleyan University. Both of our children are married.

I have been employed in the telecommunications industry for that past 27 years. I am currently employed by Lumen Corporation (formerly CenturyLink) and previously worked for Wilkes Telephone Company in Washington, Georgia. Prior to this I worked as a manager for three years with George W. Park Seed Company in Greenwood. Traci and I are members of St. Mark United Methodist Church where we are both active in the Wesley Sunday School class.